Saturday, April 14, 2012

Natalie & Dustin - The Brezovar Wedding

Galveston was the perfect spot for Natalie and Dustin's wedding. The ceremony was at Sacred Heat Church. The building was amazing. The lighting inside worked so well. The bright sun helped the stain glass look so colorful and the white interior just help light up everyone and everything.

After taking a few shots at the church we made our way to the The San Luis Resort for the reception. The color flowers and this grass in the front worked great for the wedding party pics. Then we made our way to the beach. Something to stop and look at when a bridal party is crossing the street. As we walked around and stopped to shoot, everyone we passed was clapping or congratulating them.

At the reception both families and friends were ready to party. The dance floor was full the entire night and everyone said they such a fun time.

All the best to you Natalie and Dustin. Thanks again for sharing this special day with you and your family.